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From sketch to shelf - it is all about knowledge, accuracy and time. 


We develop an application, which can measure the human body 

3dimensional within any 2D video. That means: Any camera (form webcam to smartphone camera) will be able to measure your customers very precisely.

The data set we get out of it should be fully integrational into your PLM System or your CAD System for hypersegmented data of your target group.

The global TrueSizes (yes, we are working on a globally applicable sizing chart!!) are automatically updated. Also, you can use the data sets as a member to improve your sizing for your target group worldwide.


TrueSize will allow you to focus on your idea and develop your product instead of worrying about your target market and sizing.


By doing so, the TrueSize movement will help you to be more customer-centric, sustainable, and efficient.


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